1. League Make-up
    1. The SRB Golf League shall consist of individuals who wish to become members and remain in good financial standing with the league.
    2. League members may bring guests (if openings are available). The league member is responsible for disseminating tournament information/rules to the guest and collecting the guest's monies.
    3. The league season shall begin in June and end after the Year-End Championship Tournament held in June of each year.
    4. League members are responsible for providing correct e-mail/mailing addresses and phone numbers to the league treasurer.
    5. The league reserves the right to limit the number of players for any tournament due to course restrictions.
    6. League Officers shall be elected by the SRB Golf League members and shall be USA employees. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Handicap Chairman. The officers shall serve for one year. Elections for new officers will be held at the June Year-End Tournament and will be officially announced at that time.
    7. The league President shall maintain a list of the league Officers' responsibilities.
    8. Any golf league business conducted at work must be conducted with prior management approval on a non-interference basis and must not be charged to company time. Any time spent conducting league business at work must be made up accordingly. 
  1. Membership Dues and Prize Money
    1. Dues for league members shall be decided by the league Rules Committee on an annual basis. Membership dues are not refundable.
    2. Monthly prize money shall be collected from each participating player before each tournament. The amount of prize money shall be determined by the league President.
  1. Handicapping procedure
    1. Handicaps will be based on a tracking handicap index. The index will be calculated by using the best five (5) of the last ten (10) scores posted, including scores from the previous and current league years. If a player does not have ten (10) scores posted, then the best half of their scores will be used.

      Example: 4 scores posted - 2 best scores used; 7 scores posted - 4 best scores used.

      The course rating is subtracted from the player's raw score (calculated after Equitable Stroke Control) and then multiplied by 0.96 to produce a differential. The best differentials are then averaged to compute the Tracking Handicap Index. Each participating player's index will be adjusted prior to playing a monthly tournament. Based on the slope rating of the tees played at that month's course vs. an average slope rating of 113, the player's handicap will be computed for that month's tournament.

      Example: A player has a tracking index of 20 and the tournament is at Black Bear from the black tees (slope rating of 127). The player's handicap will be computed as

      Handicap = 20 x (127/113) = 22.48

      This would result in a handicap of 22 for that tournament.

    2. In addition, handicaps will be adjusted for course rating differences between tees. If there is a different course rating between the Men's tees and the Senior tees and/or the Women's tees, the handicaps will be adjusted accordingly.


                    The Men's tees have a course rating of 71.6 and the Senior tees have a course rating of 70.1, the difference is 1.5 strokes and is rounded to the
                    nearest whole number of 2. After calculating the senior's handicap for the slope rating from the Senior tees, the handicap will have two strokes deducted
                    for the different course rating.

            C.    Handicaps for new members will be established in one of three ways

    1. Use the player's U.S.G.A. handicap (preferred method, if applicable)
    2. Use double the player's handicap in a nine-hole weekly league.
    3. Use the first round of play.

U.S.G.A. handicaps and nine-hole weekly league handicaps must be current and verified by a league officer prior to tournament play.

    1. Score cards turned in for play outside of league play will not be used for computing league handicaps.
    2. The maximum handicap for any player is 36.
    3. This system is not associated with, nor does it follow the U.S.G.A. rules for golf.
  1. Rules Committee
    1. The Rules Committee shall consist of the four league officers.  The Rules Committee will be responsible for interpreting the rules set forth for the SRB Monthly Golf League. Three committee members will constitute a quorum. All decisions of the Rules Committee will be final. The Rules Committee will also serve as an Executive Board for the league.
    2. The following are the Rules Committee members for the 2020 - 2021 season: Skip Doan, President; Robert Vaughan, Vice-President / Treasurer; Allen Dupree, Handicap Chairman. 
    3. The league President shall determine the number of flights for each tournament based on the number of players and the handicap spread.
    4. With the exception of the special rules presented in these SRB Monthly league Rules, local and U.S.G.A. rules shall apply in all cases.
    5. The SRB Monthly League Rules may be amended by a majority vote of the Rules Committee. A request in writing shall be submitted to the Rules Committee for disposition. If approved, the amendment will then become part of the SRB Monthly Golf League Rules. Conflicts to rule interpretation will go to the committee for a ruling. The ruling shall be given within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the written request.
    6. Application and enforcement of the league rules shall be the responsibility of each member; members are also responsible for providing their guests with all league rules.
  1. Tie Breakers
    Ties for all prize categories will be decided by matching scorecards. This will be done by using the player's net score for the last nine (9) holes (10 through 18). If a tie remains, the player's net score for the last six (6) holes (13 though 18) will be used, and if needed, the player's net score for the last three (3) holes (16 through 18) will be used. Finally, the player's net score for hole number eighteen (18) will be used. If ties still exist, they will be broken by matching score cards hole by hole, with handicap, beginning with hole number one (1). The first low hole will be declared the winner. Ties for putts will be broken by comparing score cards starting at the lowest handicap hole for the course, until broken. Ties for 2-day tournaments will be broken using the last day's scorecard and then proceeding as above, if required.
  2. Score Cards
    Score cards shall be completed and totaled with gross score, putts, handicap and the net score for the eighteen (18) holes. The card must be signed by the scorer and attested to by another member of the foursome. The signed and correctly totaled card must be turned in to the designated location as soon as possible upon completion of the round. All cards must be turned in to a league officer on the day of play. If the card is not signed or totaled appropriately as described, it will not be counted for any tournament prizes. It is the responsibility of each and every league member to verify the accuracy of his/her score, as reflected on the official scorecard. The Birdie Pool is separate from league play and will not be affected by a tournament disqualification. However, the round must be completed to be eligible for birdie pool winnings. All birdies must be circled and all eagles must be labeled and marked with a triangle to be eligible to win.
  3. Fees/Prizes/Tee-times
    1. Each participating member and guest must pay their monies due to the league by Friday, one week prior to the scheduled tournament. Monies not collected by the close of business on the designated date will face potential removal from the tournament line-up. This action will ensure the exact number of players and that the required funds are available for tournament costs. The league Treasurer must approve all exceptions to this policy.
    2. Tee times for tournaments that are not a shotgun start will be assigned by the league officers.
    3. Each player shall pay prize money for each tournament prior to tournament play, which shall be added to the green fees.
    4. Guests are eligible for long drive, closest to the pin, low gross and low putts prizes, but are not eligible for flight prizes.
    5. If a member or guest fails to show for his/her tee time, the prize money shall be forfeited. Greens fees will be refunded only if the designated course does not require guaranteed payment for the number of players submitted for the tournament. Players who cancel the week of the tournament may be responsible for partial/full payment. Most contracts allow for 10% of the pairings to be no shows/cancellations. If the league has to pay for any of the no shows/cancellations, that amount will be divided by the number of players who did not show or cancelled the week of the tournament and charged to their account.   
    6. Credits will be carried forward on the books until the member, or guest, uses them or asks to have them paid out. If a player does not remain a member or request the credits, the league will absorb any unused credits left on the books for 2 years.
    7. Year-End Championship Tournament trophies and prizes shall be awarded at a designated location following the tournament. The prizes, as a minimum, shall consist of a tournament Low Gross Trophy/Plaque, a First Place Low Net Trophy/Plaque for each flight, and a perpetual Trophy for the Club Champion (decided by the player with the overall low net of all flights). Ties shall be decided as for monthly play. Prizes shall be given to places 1 through 4 in each flight. A Hole-in-One recorded during tournament play for the current season will receive a Trophy/Plaque. The league President may award additional prizes as determined by the availability of league funds.
    8. In order to be eligible for Flight trophies at the Year-End Championship Tournament, a member must have participated in a minimum of five (5) monthly tournaments in the current season (August 2020 - June 2021). To be eligible for the League Champion's Trophy, you must meet the previous condition and have played at least 10 monthly tournaments in the last two years. No make-up rounds will be allowed.
    9. Monthly prizes shall be as follows, at a minimum:

Low Gross $ 5.00

Low Net/Each Flight $20.00

2nd Place/Each Flight $15.00

3rd Place/Each Fight $10.00

4th Place/Each Flight $ 5.00

Low Putts $ 5.00

Long Drive, each $ 5.00

Closest to the Pin, each $ 5.00

Eagles $20.00 (paid members only)

    1. New (paid) members are eligible for flight prizes beginning with the first tournament played using a handicap.
  1. Local and League Rules
  1. A free drop -- two (2) club lengths, no nearer the hole -- will be allowed from all yardage markers/posts, as well as all newly planted/staked trees.
  2. A free drop --- two (2) club lengths, no nearer the hole -- is allowed from all cart paths. This will be interpreted as "next to or interferes with your swing or stance." This also applies to areas that are routinely used as cart paths (not paved but worn from cart use.)
  3. Winter rules will apply during league play all season. This means the ball lying within the boundaries of the proper fairway, as defined by the closely mown area, can be moved within ten (10) inches -- no nearer the hole -- using the club head only. This rule only applies if you are in your own fairway. The fairway also includes the fringe around the green -- 1st cut. Penalty - none.
  4. A ball lying outside the boundaries of the fairway (ask your opponents if you are not sure of the boundary) may not be moved except as noted below or as allowed by local rules. Penalty - Two (2) strokes.
  5. A ball may be lifted for identification only after you have informed your opponents of your intentions. The ball must then be replaced as near as possible to it's original position once it is identified. No dropping it.
  6. If a ball can not be played from within a hazard, it shall be dropped within two (2) club lengths from the point where the ball last crossed into the hazard and no nearer the hole, or go back on the line of flight of the ball no further than the point from which the ball was originally struck and drop another ball. Penalty - One (1) stroke.
  7. Touching ground in Penalty Area. No Penalty
  8. If any member fails to complete a hole by picking up the ball (this includes putts), he/she will be disqualified from the tournament in play for that day.
  9. A player may carry more than fourteen clubs in his/her bag.
  10. To speed up play, lost balls and out-of-bounds shall be played as follows:

      Drop another ball within two (2) club lengths from the point where the ball last crossed out-of-bounds or anywhere in the line of flight of the ball - no further back than the point at which the ball was last struck. Penalty - One (1) stroke.

      Lost Ball: Drop another ball as near as possible to where the ball is thought to be lost or anywhere in the line of flight of the ball - no further back than the point at which the ball was last struck. After declaring a lost ball and dropping another ball, the dropped ball must be played. Penalty - One (1) stroke

  11. When putting from on the green and your ball strikes the flag stick. Penalty - none.                                  
  12. Except in a hazard, an embedded ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where it was embedded, no nearer the hole, on any area of the course. An embedded ball is defined as more than half of the diameter of the ball is below local grade. Penalty - none.
  13. League members will play READY GOLF at all times.

IX. Year-end Championship

  1. The League Champion shall be named at the Year-end Tournament Awards ceremony the month following the Year-End Tournament. The following criteria must be met to be named League Champion.
    1. Player must be a paid member in good standing with the league.
    2. Player must have played in a minimum of 10 monthly tournaments within the last two seasons.
    3. Player must have a minimum of 5 tournaments played in the current season.




SRB Monthly Golf League Rules

June 2020 - June 2021


The 2020 - 2021 Monthly League Rules

are hereby approved.



Skip Doan, President




Robert Vaughan, Vice-President / Treasurer




Allen Dupree, Handicap Chairman